The online retirement masterclass for Australians over 60

Netplan is your home for genuinely independent financial advice, headed by one of Australia's most respected financial advisers, Nick Bruining.

We're here to help you navigate the complicated maze of retirement.

We explain how the system works and give you a cost-effective guide to retirement built on over 34 years of private practice and media.

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Over 34 years providing trusted advice

Netplan Premium is your companion for retirement.

  • An entertaining, down-to-earth video course covering:
    • Investments
    • Superannuation
    • Estate planning
    • Centrelink
    • How to bring it all together
  • Stay up-to-date on government changes and how they effect you.
  • Submit your questions to a licensed financial advisor.
  • Regular Q&A webinars answering subscriber questions.
No adverts. No rubbish. Just authentic financial advice from a professional.

We aren't trying to sell you an investment

Netplan is one of only a handful of legally independent financial advisory firms in Australia.

What's really important is that we're not interested in "selling" you a new fund or investment.

Others help with small components of retirement planning like superannuation or investments.

We offer an integrated total picture. It includes super and investments but also things like tax, Centrelink, how your life and your expenses change as you age and even what happens when you die.

We'll never promote or try to sell you any financial product or service, we will teach you what to look for in these services.

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