With Netplan, you can't lose!

Learn how to build your own financial plan with Netplan Premium.

Then after graduating, if you decide you need a personalised financial plan. We'll give you a referral to a vetted, independent planner and $299 off the preparation of a personalised financial plan. You can't lose!

We know that the majority of people who complete the Netplan program are fully equipped to develop their own financial plan and keep it up-to-date, with the regular updates subscribers receive.

But, there’s another big benefit.

Netplan Premium “graduates” are some of the best-educated individuals a financial advisor could hope for, which is why we’ve negotiated an exclusive fee reduction for our premium subscribers who think even with Netplan by their side, they would still benefit from a personal financial plan prepared by an expert.

This is a fantastic offer for our subscribers.

Access to a fully qualified, independent financial planner, with your plan preparation fees discounted.

Your financial understanding through the Netplan program means you’re better able to assess your need for a financial plan. It also ensures you have an in-depth understanding of the information provided in a personal, comprehensive financial plan, prepared specifically for you.

A personal comprehensive financial plan will deal with all of the issues raised through the Netplan program and will be designed for your specific needs based on your specific situation.

The Offer

Subscribers who have watched the entirety of the Netplan Premium course will receive a $299 credit on the preparation of their financial plan through one of our independent financial planning partners.

Terms & Conditions

  1. You must have completed the most recently released Netplan program in order to be eligible for this offer.

  2. You must be a current Netplan Premium subscriber.

  3. The discount does not apply to any initial or one-off consultation fees that might be charged. (In most cases, the initial consultation fee is waived when you then proceed to having a comprehensive plan prepared.)

  4. The $299 credit will only apply to the fee charged for the preparation of a personalised financial plan.

  5. The offer is valid only once.

  6. The offer can be withdrawn at any time by Netplan or its partner financial advice firms.

And in case you are wondering; Netplan is specifically prohibited from receiving any “referral fees” or “kickbacks” from partner firms.

We genuinely want you to have the best possible financial planning outcome.

In some cases, it guarantees a timely appointment with an independent financial planner. The fact is, the demand for independent financial advisers is such that without a referral, you may not get in.

To get started, subscribe to Netplan Premium today.

Our partners

Our partner firms have been personally selected because we know they don’t adopt a “cookie-cutter” approach when dealing with clients and are fully across all of the complexities, including Centrelink.

All are members of the prestigious Certified Independent Financial Adviser’s Association.

And being a legally independent financial adviser means they won’t be out to flog you an investment they or their parent company has an interest in.

How to claim

  1. Sign up to Netplan
  2. Complete the learning program
  3. Contact support and be put in touch with the appropriate planner.