The Retirement Masterclass

Independent financial advice presented by one of Australia's leading finance experts, Nick Bruining.

We explain how the system works from Superannuation to Centrelink and give you a cost-effective guide to retiring with just $380,000 in your superannuation.

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35 years of independent advice

An entertaining, down-to-earth, understandable learning programme covering:




Estate Planning


Bring it all together into a plan

Each topic is between 30 minutes and one hour long.
They are regularly updated with the latest facts and figures.

How much do you need to retire in Australia?

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Free retirement budget calculator

Try our free retirement budget calculator. It will help you calculate how much you're spending day to day and also make sure you're thinking about large future expenses.

We won't sell you an investment

Netplan is one of the only independent financial advice learning products in Australia.

  1. We're not interested in "selling" you a new superannuation fund or investment.
  2. While others might help with small components of retirement planning like superannuation or investments. We offer an integrated total picture. It includes super and investments but also things like tax, Centrelink.
  3. We explain how your life and your expenses will change as you age and how you can prepare for when you die.
  4. We'll never promote or try to sell you any financial product or service, we will teach you what to look for in these services.

Personal financial advice

If you're up to date on Netplan and you still want a personal financial plan prepared, you'll get a referral and a discounted plan from one of our partner financial advisory firms.

You can also have questions answered as part of your subscription in our Q&A webinars. Saving you money and time.

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Frequently asked questions

What sort of things will I be surprised to learn after following the Netplan course?
  1. Retiring and getting the pension could actually earn you more money than continuing to work
  2. Going on an overseas holiday could get you a better return on your money, than keeping it in your super fund
  3. Having $1,000,000 in your superannuation is definitely not the only way to retire comfortably
  4. Moving into a more expensive "dream-home" home can increase your retirement income and provide for your kids
  5. If you set things up correctly, you can worry less about how changes in the stock market are affecting your superannuation balance
  6. Large landowners might be entitled to a part-pension and not realise it
  7. There's a right way and a wrong way to gift money to your family
  8. There's more to planning for the later stages of your life than just drafting a will
  9. Leaving money to your loved ones can create tax problems after you're gone, but there are ways to avoid it
In the Netplan course, we explain how to take advantage of the things listed above.
Is Netplan for people with a small amount for retirement, or a lot?
Having a retirement plan is important for everyone, regardless of their means, because the lifestyle you live before retirement is likely to be similar to the lifestyle you live in retirement.

Netplan gives you the knowledge and understanding you need to review your circumstances and get the most out of retirement and the most out of the Aussie retirement "system". We do this without selling you any products, and without any skin in the game, because we're legally independent. Seriously, we just want to help Australians get sound financial advice without the rubbish.

For those with only a small amount of money, Netplan will help you maximise the resources that the Australian government offers you by explaining and keeping you up to date on changes to the Centrelink system.

For those with a lot of money, you will likely discover that there are resources available to you that you didn't realise. You'll also learn essential economic concepts and tax treatments. You'll also get a better understanding of how the retirement system might "open up" to you as you reach the later years of your life.
If I've already attended Nick Bruining's Masterclass in the past, should I use Netplan?
Watch again and at your own pace
The Masterclass is a really intense day and it might be difficult to absorb everything. Netplan covers similar concepts and has a similar structure to the Masterclass, but the huge added benefit is that you can **rewatch anything and everything as many times as you like at your own pace** (so long as you have a subscription).

Kept up to date
Netplan is kept up to date throughout the year, and we'll tell you when it's been updated! So let's say they change the asset means test rules, we'll make sure you're informed and understand exactly what that means to you.

Better value for couples
A lot of the attendees to the Masterclasses would come along with their partner and pay for two tickets for the privilege. With Netplan you can watch it together and just pay for one subscription.
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